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Create a Brand Strategy for a Synchronous Buyer’s Journey

Creating your brand.


Understanding your buyer’s journey is a crucial step to converting leads to sales for your business. Through identifying your customer’s persona and mapping out their buyer’s journey, you can effectively engage with your business’s prospective customers throughout the awareness, consideration and decision stages of their journey. As a result, your business requires a strong and cohesive brand strategy that is synonymous with the objectives of your business. In doing so, you can ensure that your business commands the attention of customers early on in buyer’s journey. A comprehensive and integrated brand strategy is critical to developing strong customer relationships, especially given that more than 70% of the buyer’s journey has already been completed before your customer makes any physical contact with your business.


This 4-hour workshop will be centred around developing a brand strategy for your business which directly targets your buyer’s journey. In turn, you will create trust and increase loyalty in your brand. – Build a buyer’s journey. – Understand your customer’s persona. – Discover your brand and how to develop an effective brand strategy. – Create a holistic brand strategy that encompasses all of your business’s marketing channels. – Learn new strategies to enhance your business’s visibility and conversion levels.
Time: 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM
When: Thursday, 29 Aug 2019
Venue: Meeting ID will be shared with registered members
24 hrs prior
10:00 AM
Discussion topics
- Social media marketing 
- Modified business stock 
- Recommendation system
- Search engine marketing
- Email marketing campaigns 
10:30 AM
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