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What is your approach to marketing?

Do you know how SEO can help small business?


What does SEO mean to you? Or perhaps the better question, is what should SEO mean to your business? Does your website have it? Do you know how it will help your page rank higher on search engine results? If even one of your answers to these questions were ‘no’, then this is the free webinar for you! SEO is the way forward in increasing the permeability of your website, through organically boosting its visibility. Furthermore, a strong SEO strategy will push your website to the highest possible point on Google’s indexed lists for the keywords that related to your brand, product or service. As a result, SEO can be an extremely effective way of increasing the traffic to your website.


This webinar will focus on developing your understanding of search engine optimisation in improving the visibility of your business, as well as providing a solid foundation for the key areas to focus on in developing your business’s SEO strategy. – The importance of updating and maintaining a strong SEO strategy. – The difference between on-page and off-page SEO. – How to incorporate SEO in your landing pages. – Developing a holistic SEO strategy that encompasses all of your business’s marketing channels, including social media SEO.
Time: 09:00 AM - 09:40 AM
When: Monday, 15 Jul 2019
Venue: Meeting ID will be shared with the registered members
24 hrs prior
10:00 AM
Discussion topics
- Inward marketing
- Coordinated promoting
- Socially capable promoting
- Relationship marketing
10:30 AM
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