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How to promote your business with mobile apps

Having mobile applications or mobile apps remains one of the effective marketing strategies for promoting your business. It is a program specifically designed for hand-held communication devices such as:

  • • Personal digital assistants (PDAs) • Tablet computers • Mobile phones and lots more
If you browse through the internet, you will see that there are over one million mobile apps; many of them are available for download or sale through various platforms including, but not limited to:
  • • Blackberry app world • Windows phone marketplace • Google play • Apple app store etc.
As a small business owner, you can use mobile apps to enhance your process as well as your clients or employees. A good number of shoppers in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia prefer to buy things from mobile apps than from a website. The number of people using smartphones and making purchases with their smartphones online has tripled more than it used to be previously. If your mobile app can compete with others in the industry, you will be an advantage than companies that do not use mobile apps. Mobile apps can help you to enhance customer engagement, increase brand visibility, build brand experience and market presence. To promote your business with mobile apps, you need to use a wide range of tactics to inspire your audience. Below are some of the ways to promote your mobile app today:

Fill a need

Your mobile app is useless if it is unable to fill a need. Customers should be fully engaged with your app.

Make your mobile app user-friendly

If your mobile app is not user- friendly, it would be difficult for people to use them. You need to make it easy for them so that they can be happy using it. If it is something they can access easily, it will help them to keep using it as often as possible.

Review your mobile apps

You need to know that this is one of the reliable ways of marketing your mobile apps- write quality reviews about your mobile applications, how to use them, and share the information with people on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and blogs. This will help people to understand perfectly how to use it. Also, feel free to discuss your mobile apps in various forums like Twitter chats, Google+ hangouts, LinkedIn groups, and other venues. You can create an effective and insightful blog post about your mobile apps, stating its usability, with screenshots and other vital information. Develop videos and podcasts showing how to use your mobile apps, and how it will help your customers to be engaged meaningfully. Encourage your customers to download it- you need to do this by mentioning your app in your flyers and signage.

Talk about your mobile apps in your presentations

While making presentations or talking about your business, do not fail to tell your customers about your mobile apps. It is preferable to talk about it in your bio slide or in your last slide. Don’t forget that your sole reason for creating a mobile app is to create something that people can be happy to find, install and download.


Someone might ask why talking about promotion of mobile apps? Yes, the truth is that whenever you are promoting your mobile apps, you are invariably promoting your business. We hope you learnt something from this blog post. If you can’t promote your mobile apps, then your competitors will simply take advantage of your business. That is part of the reasons most small businesses fail. It is good to create an effective mobile app, and it would be more effective if you can hire the services of professional mobile applications creator to do so for your business. If you conduct internet research, you will discover that a lot of businesses are into it, take time to choose the right company that can do it for you. You can get the right company for you through referrals or by reading some of the customer testimonials from their previously satisfied users. Should you need further questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us right away!

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