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How to protect your brand from a negative reputation

Social media provides a great platform to help businesses promote and connect with their audience without any geographical limitations. The growing popularity of social media has turned many businesses into multi-million-dollar companies, all thanks to the power of social media marketing. Globally, the number of social media users reached 3.2 billion in 2018, with a 42% marketing penetration. However, social media is not always a positive driving force behind your business. Many businesses have lost potential customers, gained bad reputations and even gone out of business as a result of a negative social media portrayal. Hence, a poor social media presence on such a valuable marketing platform can be perilous for your business. Here are the top 4 ways to protect your business from a negative reputation on social media;

1. Avoid paid followers:

It is not uncommon for businesses to buy large numbers of online followers to appear more ‘popular’ on social media. What many businesses fail to consider, is that the majority of ‘paid followers’ are fake and are run by artificial bots. This focus on quantity not quality will be highly detrimental to your business’s engagement levels and furthermore, will give an unrealistic representation of the effectiveness of your business’s social media marketing strategy. Thus, your business will derive a very limited benefit from these accounts and will not receive a good ROI, especially considering all the money that will be wasted purchasing these followers in the first place. The Fake Follower Check, is a new tool available in the market that can help you to analyse not only your fake followers, but also the percentage of fake followers on other accounts as well.  

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2. Cash for comments:

Are you fascinated with celebrities commenting on your favourite products? Paying celebrities and social media ‘influencers’ to comment on a product or service is common practice nowadays. What many of these business’s don’t realise, is that there is growing consumer distrust of celebrity endorsements on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As a result, business’s can lose their credibility despite gaining more short-term leads and sales. Therefore, it is always recommended that you grow your business’s number of followers and engagement levels naturally. To do so, building an attractive profile with picture and content, as well as remaining active in the comment section of your posts by asking questions, will engage your audience.

3. Use emotion to get more ‘likes’:

Whilst it is always a generous idea for businesses to use social media to raise money for charity or create awareness of a natural disaster, this practice does not always portray businesses in a positive light. Bing Lee, for example, experienced a tremendous backlash after raising money for the victims of the Queensland floods through their “One Like = $1 Donation” campaign. Many people perceived this campaign as a means of increasing their social media following rather than supporting those affected by the disaster. As a result, an insensitive or popularity driven appeal on social media can create a bad reputation for your business and result in a loss of trust in your brand. Thus, it is imperative that before posting anything on social media, you consider how your followers will perceive it, as one poorly chosen post has the potential to significantly damage your business’s brand and reputation.

4. Fake Reviews:

It is estimated in Australia, that over 60% of consumers read online reviews before making purchases. With the increasing number of people who consider reviews as a main factor in making purchasing decisions, a large number of fake reviews can create a bad reputation for your business and drive potential customers away. TruRating is a great tool that specialises in analysing customer experiences and analytics. According to research conducted by TruRating, more than 65% of customers are satisfied with their purchases.  

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If you care about what impresses your customers, this data capturing website can provide reliable feedback on your business’s products and services.


Given the growing prevalence of social media in the role of marketing, engaging in dodgy social media practices can cast significant doubt over the reputation and quality of your business. Therefore, growing your following naturally, remaining genuine in your motives and remembering the power of social media will ensure that your business does not gain a poor reputation on social media.

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