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Our Top 7 Strategies for Developing the Perfect Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

With a core focus on creating an entirely customer-centric experience, omnichannel marketing is the new way forward for businesses that are aiming to increase their visibility and convert leads into sales. In order to compete in the digital age, businesses must ensure that they develop and implement an effective omnichannel marketing strategy that creates an integrated and seamless shopping experience for their customers. Our most recent series of blog posts about omnichannel marketing has highlighted the value of implementing this strategy into your business. Following these posts, we have received an overwhelming number of questions about how you can introduce omnichannel marketing into your businesses. So here are our top 7 strategies to create the perfect omnichannel marketing strategy for your business. Create Shoppable User-Generated Feeds. Social media has become the driving force behind the success that so many businesses have experienced over the past two decades. However, the immense success of social media has created a highly competitive and diluted digital space. In turn, standing out from the crowd has never been more difficult and turning social media generated leads into sales has become an absolute nightmare for many businesses. But through considering a three-tiered approach to creating customised social feeds that allow users to seamlessly browse and shop your products through social media platforms you can effectively utilise the power of social media. Firstly, ensure that your business has developed quality content that can be supported with strong graphics. Then, introduce this content into your organic social media promotion strategy which will allow you to test and measure the performance and engagement rates of each piece content. In doing so, you can then select the best performers and use them in your paid social media promotion. For product-based businesses, tools such as Like2Buy can be a great way to create shoppable feeds for your customers. With big-name clients such as American Apparel, Lindt and Forever 21, Like2Buy allows their clients to insert shoppable links through a single tap of an image. viable sales leads Thus, allowing your business to convert your social media visibility into viable sales leads. Be Global but Act Local. Creating a business that has the ability to achieve global recognition and sales is the goal of many business owners, and for many businesses, the reach of social media and digital technology has made this a reality. But achieving this global success can also be the undoing of your business if you fail to customise your marketing strategy to the local market. Your business should invest in creating advertising materials and content that is specifically targeted at your customer’s persona in order to effectively engage in their buyer’s journey. Furthermore, online e-commerce stores should focus on creating an omnichannel marketing experience for their customers. Through simple actions such as allowing your customers to purchase and interact with your store in their local language and currency, you can ensure that you reduce the number of leads that remain unconverted for your business. Optimise for Mobile. It is no secret that mobile sites typically lag behind their bigger and bulkier desktop counterparts. A variety of limitations such as smaller screen sizes and limited processing capabilities mean that businesses must approach mobile optimisation with an entirely different strategy than their primary desktop sites. Research by Google highlights the clear disparity between desktop and mobile optimisation, with the average mobile landing page taking 22 seconds to load compared with a 3.4 second average for desktop sites. Yet mobile usage now accounts for more than 60% of all internet traffic in Australia. Given the extremely high bounce rates for sites that fail to load within 10 seconds, mobile optimisation is vital for your business. page load time Establish a Brand. Establishing a brand which is synonymous with the image of your business is a long-term investment that is guaranteed to pay dividends in the future. Creating a unique and recognisable brand that speaks for itself, is the most powerful marketing tool that your business could ever have. So consider this question from Ann Handley for a moment;

“if the label fell off, would people still know it was you?”.
Because a strong brand should be able to rise above a single product or service that your business provides. It should be able to convey a clear story that connects with your customer no matter where in the world they are or what they are doing. As a result, developing a holistic and well-rounded marketing strategy is vital to ensuring that your business utilises your brand’s message in an impactful and meaningful way. Discounting. Contrary to popular belief, discounting is not a strategy that should be overlooked for fear of reducing the value of your brand. When implemented correctly, discounting can be an incredibly effective tool in reducing the number of abandoned carts and increasing your business’s sales. business’s sales Research conducted by RetailMeNot found that more than 80% of the customers that they surveyed stated that digital coupons were the single factor that “closed the deal” for them when they were undecided on a purchase. With the Baymard Institute found that on average, cart abandonment rates are 69.57% and increasing yearly, the importance of introducing additional strategies into your business’s omnichannel marketing strategy that are focused on converting leads to sales is vital to the long-term success of your business. As a result, you should consider whether discounting strategies such as;
  • Multi-Buy Deals
  • Volume-Based Discounts
  • Providing a Gift with Purchase, or
  • A Buy-One-Get-One-Free strategy would be appropriate for your business.
Stand for Something. In an increasingly ‘conscious’ consumer market, the value that customers place on businesses that demonstrate an ethical, social or environmental commitment has never been higher. For more traditional business owners, this value shift in consumer perceptions presents a massive problem if they fail to adapt and adopt these practices. More than 72% of customer will recommend a brand or product over another business that does not support a cause and furthermore, 47% of customers will make a monthly purchase from a brand that is known to support a cause. As a result, supporting a local cause can be a great way to increase customer interaction with your business. In doing so, your business will gain a higher level of visibility, particularly on social media platforms. Thus, making a conscious effort to support a social movement that aligns with your business’s current goals can be a great way to harness the power of word-of-mouth promotion. Promote User-Generate Content. With the wealth of information and resources available to consumers in today’s world, it has become an inevitable reality that customers are less responsive and receptive to business-produced content. As a result, content which is independently produced is considered to be a far more persuasive endorsement of your business’s product than claims that are made by your business. In turn, providing reviews are a highly effective way of increasing your business’s sales. Research conducted by Octoly suggests that user-generated content and reviews on YouTube are viewed 10 times more than videos which have been directly created by the brand. Furthermore with YouTube’s rise to become the second largest search engine in the world, these statistics provide a promise new opportunity for your business to increase traffic and improve your visibility. Conclusion. omni channel The decision to implement an omnichannel marketing strategy in your business is a decision that is guaranteed to achieve strong results in the future. That being said, however, the entire purpose of omnichannel marketing is to create a streamlined and cohesive shopping experience for your customer, and as a business owner, that is an incredibly daunting task. There is no denying that implementing an effective omnichannel marketing strategy takes time and a consistent commitment to making this business-wide change. However, the value that omnichannel marketing will have on your business’s visibility and sales is undeniable. So take the first into omnichannel marketing and implement these strategies to see the incredible results in your business. FACEBOOK: Decided to finally implement an omnichannel marketing strategy for your business? Check out our Top 7 Strategies to dominate your competition. Do you want to implement omnichannel marketing but have no idea where to start? Find out our best strategies for engaging with your customer. TWITTER: “if the label fell off, would people still know it was you?”- Ann Handley. See the value that omnichannel marketing can bring to your business. Check out our Top 7 omnichannel marketing strategies that are guaranteed to increase the visibility and sales of your business. Site description Have you finally decided to introduce an omnichannel marketing strategy into your business but have no idea where or how to start? Learn our top tips for creating an omnichannel marketing strategy that is guaranteed to dominate your competition.

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