Your website is your Digital Marketer.

Let your website work for you. It’s not enough to make it just a virtual park, or an interactive visual playground. Your website can generate leads and sales. With the Exante website blueprint your website can become a Conversion-based Website.

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Make Sales with your Website

Your website should be your digital marketer. Deliver the best customer experience with the Exante Website MasterPlan, and you will have a Conversion-based website that sells by itself.


What is the Exante Website MasterPlan?

The Exante Website MasterPlan is the blueprint to drive sales for your business by enhancing your website’s most potent weapon: great customer experience.

Why do you need it?

Your website is your virtual office or store. If your customers aren’t buying into your products after visiting your website, you’re not making the most out of it. We can maximise your profitability by vastly improving your site’s conversion rate - so you get not just traffic, but lead generation and sales too!

What's In It For You?

Exante is your best partner in transforming your digital presence such as websites and social accounts into lead-generating tools.

The best customer experience (UX)

Generate sales from your website by giving your website guests a pleasant customer journey.

Increased traffic and lead generation

See visits and frequent users climb with improved SEO management, increased leads, and better CRM.

High-impact Content

Educate and sell to your customers at the same time - let’s make a powerful Content Strategy with high impact and recall.

Responsive User Interface (UI)

Let’s make your website highly responsive and adaptive for any platform. A great UI positively impacts user experience, too.

Valuable Data and Insights

We can help you get data and reports on your website’s performance. Our insights can help you plan for future website adjustments.

How does it work?

Exante Effect begins with a 2-day Workshop, which your leadership, sales, marketing, and related teams will participate in. Over the course of 52 weeks, you can work with our mentoring and development teams to work on the following:
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Discovery discussion of goals and current strategies, alignment of marketing processes and positioning, and formulation of tailor-fit strategies and best methods of execution.

Monthly Execution Plan and Accountability Distribution

We make sure your teams know the right action item, monthly marketing objective and content strategy and scheduling process.

Marketing goal and ROI expectation setting

We will also streamline the task accountability goals along the way. Matrix observation and ROI understanding.

Readjustment and maintenance model

Through constant monitoring, you’ll know if you need to update your strategy.

Transparency and reporting

You will receive reports and know the numbers on monthly basis.

Transition for stability and growth

We’ll help prop you up for even bigger gains in the future.

Build a Conversion-based Website
How Does It Work?

Blueprint Session (required)

An on-site or online discovery meeting to discuss your website’s needs, your targets, and other requirements.

What happens in this session?
Your team and ours tackle pre-production elements that will help in building your website:

  • Your goals and directions
  • Assess current customer experience
  • Visualise the optimal Buyer’s Journey
  • Content strategy and planning

Website Development phase

Here we will start building your website along with the tools you’ll need for monitoring and reporting.

What happens in this session?
You can choose to do your website production in-house or with help from our team, and we’ll be there to ensure you get:

  • On-point website strategy execution
  • Adaptation for other platforms (if applicable)
  • Optimisation and Adjustment

Website Designing phase

We will collaborate on getting the best look, fixing the context of your content, and necessary functions.

What happens in this session?
Building your website takes time. Our team will brainstorm with you to define key website production points:

  • Website infrastructure and sitemap
  • Adaptation planning for other platforms (if applicable)
  • Content Creation

Post-Development phase

After launching your new (or enhanced), shiny website, you can get valuable additional resources and services from us:

  • Automation of applicable tasks
  • SEO management
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Performance Data
  • Custom Insights


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Additional authentication can help separate customers from fraudsters. Read our guide on how the new version of 3D Secure can reduce fraud without compromising on user experience.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Exante Website MasterPlan is competitively priced even when compared against other providers. Just ask us and we’ll send a quote right away.

We Know What Might Be Bugging You...

Here are some thoughts you’ve probably asked yourself, and we answered them in advance!

Content might be king, but context gives it meaning. We can fix up your content strategy and align it with a tailor-fit package to improve your website’s SEO, traffic, and lead generation.
Your website needs a visual upgrade, and we can help you or build one for you that can give your users the best customer experience too.
Most likely, your content is off the mark. Customers are not getting the answers to their questions, and so they fail to become leads. We can straighten those issues for you with our excellent lead generation methods.
This is the grand question that should always be the priority in building websites: ensuring a great customer experience. We can help you fix every aspect of your website to deliver the best one.

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We’re excited to be onboard with you in creating your own website or revamping it.