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Your Customers Are Talking About You Online. Why Aren’t You Talking To Them?

Over the last decade, social media has quickly become an almost necessity in our daily lives. Whether these platforms are used to communicate, discover new content or read customer reviews, the value of a strong social media presence for your business cannot be understated.

Research by UPS suggests that 49% of millennials and 85% of Gen Z use social media to vet a new product or service before they make the decision to purchase it. Furthermore, PWC has found that social media is the primary way that consumers determine what to buy.

social media,retailer websites,price comparision As a result, social media is clearly the most powerful form of digital persuasion and a form of persuasion that your business needs to develop. Unlike the more traditional forms of promotion, social media provides your business with the opportunity to build great relationships and strong connections with your future, current and past customers. In turn, social media platforms are far more than a measurement of followers, fans or photos; they are intrinsically ingrained within the buyer’s journey of your target customer.

Have Authentic Engagement.

In order to effectively engage with your customers, your social media strategy needs to go beyond just selling your product. Don’t just ask them what you can sell them. Ask them how you can help. how you can help One approach to authentically engaging with your audience is to adopt an “always-on” approach to marketing. Always on marketing is the epitome of maintaining a customer-centric focus, a large part of which requires you to engage in constant dialogue with your customers. This means that you need to stay responsive and relevant to your customer’s problems and questions as they arise. Businesses that effectively adopt this marketing approach have the ability to stop service problems from spiralling into a viral public relations disaster. And with 67% of customers turning to a brand’s social media channel for customer service, tactful communication is paramount.

Always Respond.

Social media has given your business the power to connect with your customers in real-time. The power to see their reactions to your business and to know what they are thinking, doing and saying about it. However, with the rise of real-time customer service, also comes with the responsibility for your business to respond in real-time. As a result, there is rarely enough time to sit down with your team and discuss the situation and devise a well-worded and polished response. In turn, your social media team need to have the ability to think on their feet and have the autonomy to respond to situations in the best way possible. It is well worth investing the time and money now to proactively develop templates and procedures to respond to negative comments on your business’s social media platforms so that you are prepared to respond to a less than favourable situation before it gets out of hand. Social Media Whilst it may seem like a fairly obvious practice, many business owners don’t respond to every comment or inquiry they receive… especially if it is a bad one. According to a Forbes article written by social media expert Jay Baer, “A lack of response is actually a response. It’s a response that says, ‘We don’t care about you very much’.” And usually, it’s the absence of a response that causes the most trouble for a brand. Let’s take RyanAir as an example. RyanAir Credit: Airways Mag In 2018, RyanAir was forced to cancel hundreds of flights over the summer holiday period due to union strikes. As a result, almost 100,000 passengers were left stranded and the company was completely silent on social media. Naturally, customers were less than happy with the airline. Zane Hopkins “Hi @Ryanair @RyanairFlights @Ryanair_ES @ryanair Can you explain all of us (people from 7 DIFFERENT FLIGHTS) why, after a + 2 HOUR DELAY, we have been waiting for ANOTHER 1h30 for our luggage? At 2am? Are you serious?” Raheleh Rahbari However, the situation highlights the importance of clear and considerate communication with unhappy customers. According to research conducted by Altitude, more than 50% of customers claim that they would stop purchasing from a business that fails to respond to negative social media posts and a further 62% of customers stated that negative social media comments on a brand were enough for them to cease business even if they were not directly affected by the problem. Therefore, you need to be engaged and active on your business’s social media pages, especially in the face of negative publicity. keywords Credit: Ethinos To stay competitive in your market, it is vital that you keep at least one eye on your competition. Consider what people are saying about them; is it positive or negative? How are they responding? Perhaps your target customers cannot get enough of your main competitors products or perhaps they are getting absolutely hammered with complaints on their social media pages. Either way, knowing what your customer wants and what they don’t like, is extremely valuable and a great conversion tactic that you can use in the future. Don’t forget, a well-crafted response to a customer’s complaint could bring you a new customer.


social media conclusion Credit: Push Engage With the wealth of options and resources that consumers have at their fingertips, simply selling a good or service is no longer a viable way to market your business. Customer engagement is essential to the success of every business. When your customers feel that your business truly cares about them it leads to better customer loyalty as well as repeat and increased sales. Furthermore, customers who have had great customer service experiences especially on social media platformsare more likely to recommend your business to family and friends. However, it is only possible if you are engaging with your customers on a constant basis. Make sure that you are responding to feedback and reviews, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. In fact, a great response to a negative review can often be a more valuable promotion activity than a positive one. FACEBOOK: If your customers are talking about you on social media, why are you joining the conversation? “A lack of response is actually a response. It’s a response that says, ‘We don’t care about you very much’.” – Jay Baer TWITTER: What is your business’s strategy for dealing with negative reviews on social media? Does your business practice action on marketing? Find out how you can start reaping the benefits today. Site description Does your business practice action on marketing? Find out how you can start reaping the benefits today.

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